Burning Man

From the ages of 21 until 24 I attended the Burning Man Gathering for 4 years in a row. Burning Man truly has changed my life. Blessings to everyone who is journeying into the desert this year. May you all be safe, enjoy and have the most amazing time! My experiences there have been a fundamental building block of the women I am today. It was a pilgrimage every year for me. I traveled over the Pacific Ocean, through the HUGE metropolis cities of California, across the land, into the heart of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.
There I discover a gigantic canvas. This canvas was the desert floor, a high altitude silt landscape that used to be an ancient lake bed. It is like nowhere I have ever been before. The black rock desert holds the space for artists and humans of all colors, creeds, religions, and countries to get creative, express themselves and celebrate the blessings of LIFE. Many Burner’s call this event ‘HOME”. As alien and foreign this landscape was to me I felt very much at home with the incredible humans and community I met on the playa and in my camps. Friendships and connections for life were born here. Burning Man is a place where you can be whoever you choose to be. As long as you are respecting others and yourself it is a place to express your creativity and your personality.
Burning Man is a giant ART GALLERY! As an artist, I am such a sucker for art, creativity and soul expression. There are more than 300 art installations on the playa. Every single human is a walking artwork. Every car “Mutant Vehicle” that drive on the plays is a work of art. My mind was constantly being blown by the ART & CREATIVITY. I am so grateful for all the people I have met through this event and gathering. All have a special place in my heart and in my memories.
Burning Man also helped me release so many layers to fear, shame and insecurity about my body. It unlocked a whole new level of Chanellie. It birthed so many facets of myself. It showed me that I have a GIGANTIC GLOBAL TRIBE! It showed me that I am not alone and there are so many humans that understand, celebrate and SEE me. Truly for who I REALLY am.
Another gigantic pillar of inspiration for me is the ‘TEMPLE’ which is located at 12 o’clock on the map and faces East into the morning sun. This structure is designed different every single year by different architects and every year blows my mind. It is the Sacred Space of the festival. It is a place for people to come and pay respects and honor to love ones who have passed. The temple becomes completely covered with shrines and objects that people want to bless and LET GO of. So many tears have been shed on the desert floor of the temple. It is a safe place to grieve and to let go of anything that no longer serves you. The temple was my favorite place to watch the sunrise. At the end of the festival, 70,000 people surrounded the Temple in complete silence as it is slowly and safely engulfed by flames. These flames in which I feel act as the purifier and release everything that was physically and energetically put into the temple. It is one of the most moving and emotional experiences I have witnessed and had.
My first Burn was shared with my dear friend Marty Tann. After his disappearance in 2013, I felt called to cut off my dreadlocks which he had made for me. I then brought them to the temple, had a little ceremony with our beloved friends and we shared stories of how Marty had inspired us. When the temple burned my dreadlocks were burned with a prayer of gratitude and blessings to him wherever he may be. The temple and Burning Man will always have a very special place in my heart

Happy Mother’s Day


I love to celebrate mothers every day! I feel it is so important to honour and celebrate the mothers of the world. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are! Thank you for all your love, care and support. Thank you to all the grandmothers, aunties, sisters, daughters, and nieces who love, support and assist the mothers. Most of all I love to Celebrate and give thanks for Mother Earth/ Pacha Mama/ Gaia. Today I felt inspired to create my first EVER little photo reel with some of my favourite images celebrating motherhood, womanhood and sisterhood.

I want to share my gratitude to every single person in these images. You have all inspired and sculpted me into the awesome artist and photographer I am today. Thank you to all my AMAZING clients and all my friends and family for your constant love and support. You are my tribe and I FREAKING LOVE YOUUUU!

I feel so blessed that I have found my passion and it makes my soul SHINE & SING! If you would like to explore more of my art and creations here are some links to enjoy and explore ->

FB – https://www.facebook.com/ChanelBaranPhoto/ or CHANEL BARAN PHOTO
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/chanelbaranphoto/

I want to say a huge thank you to Vocalist, Composer, Performer, Voice Mentor Marya Stark for giving me her blessings to incorporate her song with my images. It is an amazing mixture of art and sound.
The song is ” Voice of my womb” from her latest Album LINEAGE-> https://maryastark.bandcamp.com/album/lineage
FB – Marya Stark
Instagram – @maryastark



Donna Raymond, Wise Wombman

Womb Illumination by Divine Flow.

Tonielle Christensen

Christina Fire-Mane Charley

Lesley Myburgh

Anni Daulter

Jillian Zamora

Leela Hummingbird
Lynn Gilmartin
Joelle Nanawa
Christina Badina
Niki Alsop
Natasha Naugle
Christie Hargrave
Jaz Sinclair Sabino
Katrina Zicchino
Heather Raymond
Meleuka Morton-Masterman
Fred Beattie
Christine Bengoa
Rhianna Weekes
Ashley Saltalamacchia
Diana Condylas
Kirsty Powell
Rachel Cook
Kim Darby & Family
Ildi Baran
Jenna Minchin
Ember Spring Jaiah
Danielle Hafemeister
Hanna Anderson
Nikki Comley
Lou van Rikxoort
Melissa Shulz
Kirsty Diamond
Renee Case & Angus Weiden
Bec Jane
Kate La Lee
Nichole Lee Birdsong
Leonie Dawson
Connie Jones
Vira T Hope
Sammi Cambray
Annie Lin
Ayla Verrall
Clare Foale
Jodie John
Georgie Jhet
Persha-lee Olson

Thank you to Ingrid Pullen for inspiring me to create my first photo video YAY!



While I was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean… on the small island of Kauai on my recent HAWAII PHOTO TOUR in January… I had the pleasure of being in front of the lens! WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVED! :P This was my first official Professional Photo Shoot for me, my business and my online presence as a Female Entrepreneur! WINNING!

It was such a pleasure to work with local photographer Rachel S. Crane of Rachel Crane Photography ! We did a fabulous collaboration and photographed each other! A female photographer photographing a female photographer! This is one of my new favorite things to do :P For this shoot we photographed at Ke’e Beach which is one of my favorite beaches on the island! This beach is the end of the road up the north and is the entrance to the amazing Napali Coast. It was such a breathtakingly beautiful location. We photographed in the luscious dappled light forest, on the beach and in the water as the sun set! So excited to share more of these images soon.

Me intention for my photo shoot was for Rachel to create images of me that I can use professionally for my photography business. I wanted images that capture my true essence as a woman and artis. I wanted images that capture me at LEVEL 26 (Age 26). I wanted images that I can show to the world and my clients of me walking my talk! I am such a huge advocate for authentic self expression and embodiment. This is me to a TEE! Here you go world! This is Chanel Baran, Photographer Extraordinaire, Female Entrepreneur, Rocking Curvaceous Woman, World Traveler and International Artist. :D hahah Can you tell I am a Leo?… :P I am so happy to say that all my wishes and intentions came true and Rachel delivered amazing images!

Rachel and I photographed in such a great and effortless flow. We photographed in a way that I really love. A way that we do this silent dance with minimal direction. A way that I could be myself, in my body and play with the surrounding beauty around me and with the camera. There were SOOOO many people around us as we photographed on one of the most popular beaches. However they literally all disappeared as I went into this trance like state of movement and silent prayer. I love to photograph and be photographed in the forest and by the ocean. These powerful elements and nature really helped me calm my excited nerves and drop into my heart and womb.

There were a few RARE moments in the shoot that I felt uncomfortable in my body, insecure, lacking confidence and didn’t know what to do. It has been a long road of learning to love, accept, honor and celebrate myself and my body. I am so happy to be where I am and to be the confident open hearted woman I am today. However as a human woman, that has grown up in a world and society where majority of women dislike, shame and hate their bodies, I too sometime on the rare occasion loose my way a little. But thankfully it is only for a fleeting moment. Thoughts like ” WHO AM I TO SHINE?” come and go as I let go of cultural and society programming. I let go of the fear that is still present in the female bloodline of being burned alive as so many women before me have been. These emotions and fears may not necessarily be mine and more of a collective feeling of the feminine. However it is my responsibility to love my shadow, heal my pain and shine my light. It is my responsibility to be an example of how one can learn to love themselves and believe that I am worthy. If we all did this imagine what kind of wonderful world we could live in. During the shoot I became aware of these uncomfortable feelings and emotions… I chose to breathe deeply and move my body. When in doubt shake it out! Breath and movement were great ways to move and transmute my fear to then come back into my heart. This was a great experience to have as I can now understand when clients sometimes stiffen up and freeze as fear and nerves can take over and cripple them. It is such a valuable experience to be on the side of the lens and walk my talk!

I highly recommend everyone invests in a professional photo shoot of themselves at least once in their life. It is a great experience to express and see yourself in a whole new light. I recommend working with a local photographer in your region. Or… book a shoot with me when I come on tour to a town near you :) hehe Bottom line… Photography is awesome. The end! :P Well really its the beginning….

Speaking of me on TOUR! I am coming down to Byron Bay – Gold Coast – Brisbane on a mini two week tour!!!! From March 23rd until April 4th. Then I come back to Cairns, Australia. Any inquiries or questions please contact me through my website -> http://www.ChanelBaran.com

I am so excited for this next mini chapter! 2 weeks of CREATION, MUSIC, FAMILY & ADVENTURE! Four of my favorite things in life all wrapped into one! I will be based in Tweed Heads. I look forward to hearing from you YAY!

Love Chanellie <3

Rachel Crane Photography Instagram -> https://www.instagram.com/rachelshilah/

Flower Crown by Jolene Hiro of KeAloha Flowers – https://www.kealohaflowers.com/
Fabulous Dress by Local Cairns Designer – Wild Sugar by Sajeela – https://www.wildsugarbysajeela.com.au/






Byron Bay – Gold Coast – Brisbane

23 March – 4 April

YAY! Its all happening! Contact me through my website for booking or inquires -> http://www.ChanelBaran.com .
Dates are booking up fast :) Woosh! It is one of my deepest passions to photograph and capture peoples true authentic self expression and unique spirit. I love it that my photography naturally attracts amazing humans who are wanting to embody their true authentic self expression. It is time to shine and be who you desire to be and who you are!
Getting professional photographs of yourself can be the perfect ingredient to add the extra SPICE & JUICINESS into your business, your online presence, you art and your life in general.
I recently experienced my first professional photo shoot on the island of Kauai earlier this year. I had the most incredible time with local photographer Rachel S. Crane of Rachel Crane Photography. She is the artist who captured this beautiful photo of me in the center of my poster! It felt so great to be on the other side of the lens. I love to try and understand the energetics and psychological experience of how my clients can feel in front of my lens. I had such a positive and empowering experience working with Rachel! More photos coming soon <3
I highly recommend everyone invests in a professional photo shoot of themselves at least once in their life. It is a great experience to express and see yourself in a whole new light. I recommend working with a local photographer in your region. Or book a shoot with me when I come on tour to a town near you :) hehe Bottom line… Photography is awesome. The end! :P Well really its the beginning….
I am so excited for this next mini chapter! 2 weeks of CREATION, MUSIC, FAMILY & ADVENTURE! Four of my favorite things in life all wrapped into one!
I will be based in Tweed Heads. I look forward to hearing from you YAY!
Love Chanellie <3
Please share the love and this post if you feel the vibes or know of any tribe who would be interested. <3
Model/Muse Credit -> Hannah Fraser, Karsha Ki, Shona Keeli Eve Lamagaia ,Kate La Lee, Katie Crews, Tafara Liz Masvinge, Jaz Sinclair Sabino, Donna Raymond, Nichole Lee BirdSong, Luis Meirelles, Christina Fire-Mane Charley, Kimberley Dawn,Holly Wodetzki, Xavier Arya Gaia Bouquillard, Issia Patricia Miller
Flower Crown by Jolene Hiro of KeAloha Flowers – https://www.kealohaflowers.com/
Fabulous Dress by Local Cairns Designer – Wild Sugar by Sajeela – https://www.wildsugarbysajeela.com.au/




Once upon a time in the High Andean Mountains of Peru. My dear sister Christina Fire-Mane Charley the newest member of Amaru Pumac Kuntur La Triología booked a shoot with me and her new band! A band in which I have a DEEP LOVE and admiration for! This was my second journey over to Peru to be Chrissy’s Official Photographer for her ‘Pachar Takiy’ Andean Pilgrimage Tours. I have experienced this bands music medicine 3 times so far and was moved to the core of my soul with their powerful music! I was SOOOO excited for this project!!!!!!
Chrissy had the vision of bringing the band over to AUSTRALIA! BAM 7 MONTHS LATER THEY ARE ALL HERE RIGHT MEOW! Just like a snake the band has shed a few skins and the band is more next level than ever! With some new additional members they are currently touring AUSTRALIA RIGHT MEOW! I am flying down to the Gold Coast to see 3 of their show! BYRON, GOLD COAST & BRISBANE! FAMILY COME WITH ME!
The intention of this shoot was to create POWERFUL, POTENT & HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL images of the band in the Ancient Incan city of Cusco. I felt like such a TOTAL badass walking around the city with the whole band following me around, finding the perfect locations that incorporated awesome stone back drops. We decided on this SUPER SUPER OLD wall with these GIANT stones!!!!! Ancient Magical lands!!!! After this shoot in the city we ventured up into the mountains and photographed the band in the Frog Temple in the Archaeological Incan Ruins of Saksaywaman near the Temple of the Moon. WHAT A DAY! I LOVE THIS BAND!!!
Instagram -> @amarupumackuntur

BRISBANE SHOW -> https://www.facebook.com/events/421327744951395/

GET YOUR TICKETS BEFORE THEY SELL OUT :) WOO! -> http://www.amarupumackuntur.com/tour.html













I met this incredible human and musician in a very syncronisitic way through a dear mutual friend of ours. I had the awesome opportunity to photograph the behind the scenes of his EPIC MUSIC video ‘BOW DOWN’. Then he had seen some of my other photography and asked to collaborate on a photo shoot together while I was in Byron Bay in 2013. We had the same mutual vision of me photographing him in his Sacred Ceremony out on County.

We wanted for our photo shoot to be deep among nature. We embarked on a journey up a river in a small metal boat. An eagle flew high in the sky guiding us up the river. We tuned into the perfect location and stopped on the edge of the river and made this our home base for our shoot. Xavier made a small sacred fire with some local australian plants that were on the rivers edge to bring the element of the sacred fire and to also help protect us from mozzies as they were fierce in the bush.

His vision was to cover himself in the sacred red Earth – Ochre. I gave him privacy while he covered and adorned him self as this was Sacred Man’s Business. Our friend and I went for a walk a little ways into the bush. Next minute this powerful medicine man with PIERCING BLUE EYES appeared out of the bush! He had transformed into a completely different being. I grabbed my camera that was hanging on my shoulder and we photographed in complete silence! This image was capture in this chapter of our shoot. I absolutely love to shoot in silence. It is this sacred and speechless dance I do with some clients. It is quite a magical experience to flow without words and to capture true authenticity and power. It is one of my favorite things to do! Then between the moments of silence and flow I would YELL OUT! THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHOOT OF MY LIFE! hahaha YEW!

This was a very dear shoot that remains very close to my heart. This man is a big inspiration to me. His music, message and mission is very moving. I love the knowledge, wisdom, vibes and EPIC MUSIC he shares with the world. GO BROTHER! I love how my photography attracts humans who give honor and reverence to this planet.

Deep bows to you brother! Thank you for doing what you are doing! Much love, Chanellie

If you don’t know who this man is I HIGHLY RECOMMEND discovering his music!

FB – Xavier Rudd – Official​
Instagram – @XavierRuddOfficial

Photo by yours truly -> http://www.ChanelBaran.com

I was so excited to see that he and his team used our image on one of their tour posters a few years back! WOO!



Once upon a time in Byron Bay, it was 2012 and I was just about to embark on my first travels to Burning Man. I had just finished an awesome photo shoot with my musician brother Luke Ferguson and we were having a cold beer at the Rails enjoying some live music. Next minute a friend of Fergo’s taps me on the shoulder and says ever so kindly “Hi :) I have heard you are AN AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER and would love to see your work.”

Luckily I had a stack of little 6×4 inch photo prints/business cards in my bag and I showed him. While he is looking the little voice in my head is saying “WOW This brother looks SOOO FAMILIAR! But I can’t put a name to his face” He then says that I am super talented and he would love to book a session with me. I then ask him what is name is as he looks so familiar… He says.. “Hi :) I am Pete Murray”!

Next Minute…. I nearly fall off my chair! hahah Here is one of my music idols wanting to book a shoot with me while I am in Byron! What A FREAKING HONOR! BAM! I tell him I had the next day free, then I fly to Sydney, then to San Francisco to then go to Burning Man in the Black Rock Dessert in Nevada. So tomorrow it was!

Next minute… HE IS SUCH A TOP BLOKE AND AWESOME BROTHER! We have an AMAZING PHOTO SHOOT in beautiful Byron Bay! HE TOTALLY ROCKED IT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA! I love working with PROFESSIONALS! Then we go and have sushi to celebrate a successful shoot and I get to meet his beloved. I love it how my clients are all such down to earth and awesome people.




This was from his 2013 album ‘BlueSkyBlue” – Byron Bay Session

Thank you Luke Ferguson for sharing the love!

Check out his music -> http://www.petemurray.com/

Photo by yours truly -> www.ChanelBaran.com



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