Aloha Family!!!! I am home from Hawaii :) YAY I am back in Cairns and in FULL EDITING MODE! I have had the most amazing journey and Photo Tour to the Hawaii Islands and just WOW! I was over there for 1 FABULOUS month and was TOTALLY BOOKED OUT!! From Kauai to Big Island!

I photographed and filmed the amazing SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSE RETREAT facilitated by Shona Keeli​ & Leyolah Antara​ <3 SUPER WOW! I am still so speechless of the whole experience! I will be sharing more very soon.

So many incredible women booked 1 on 1 photo shoots! Ranging from their mid 20’s to their mid 50’s! So many different facets of the WOMAN! LOVE IT! From Ceremonial shoots by sandy beaches and turquoise ocean, ancient rain forests, on top of a Volcano, on the edge of jagged lava coast lines and on lava fields between two sacred mountains. In the Sunshine, Rain and Thunderstorms! The shoots were to create professional image for entrepreneurial women, documenting sacred ceremony and capturing their true souls essence. I LOVE MY JOB! I LOVE MY ART! I LOVE MY ART!

Thank you to Shona Keeli, Leyolah Antara, Dakota Chanel​, Shemaiah Kaye​, Kim Elegeion​, LeAnne Davis​,Allie McFee​, Helen Zee​, Myriam Llano, Brook Sager​, Andrew Hubbard​, Olana Barros​ and Selena Barros to INVESTING IN ME AND YOURSELVES! THANK YOU FOR BOOKING AN AMAZING SHOOT WITH ME! SUPER WOW!

I also had the most amazing experience to be photographed by the super talented local photographer Rachel S. Crane​ of – Rachel Crane Photography​. We photographed each other! This is my new favorite thing to do! hehe It is so great to be on the other side of the lens.

I am deep in the realms of editing all these images and I am so excited to share all the magic with you as it unfolds.

I am going to go with the flow of this creative jet stream and have created a MINI PHOTO TOUR for in the Brisbane -> Byron Bay area. I will be based in Tweed heads. If you feel that you would like to invest in yourself or in your business check out my packages here -> https://chanelbaran.com/packages/

Here is the PHOTO TOUR FB EVENT -> https://www.facebook.com/events/592065807798881/

Woohoo!!! See ya soon South Queensland & Norther Rivers! Love you all MWAH

Here is the link to the AMARU PUMAC KUNTUR GIG’S

Byron -> https://www.facebook.com/events/1977228022517369/

Goldcoast -> https://www.facebook.com/events/899417066888846/

Brisbane -> https://www.facebook.com/events/421327744951395/



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