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 Photography Pricing & Packages

I specialize in creating and delivering a memorable and prestigious photography experience to all my clients with incredible images and stories to take home. This is an experience in which my clients book me over and over again to deliver new visions through out their life and all over the world.

If you would like to document a special moment in you and your families life, take your business to the next level, update your portfolio, establish yourself as a musician/artist…. I am the perfect artist for you.

To hear about my clients experiences with me have a look at my testimonial page which is full of love!

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I specialize in Creative & Empowering imagery. ->

– Artist & Musician Portraits
– Business/Entrepreneur Branding Imagery
– Maternity Photo Artistry
– Boudoir & Women’s Ritual/Ceremony Photography
– Family & Couples Photos
– Engagements, Weddings, Retreats, Tours & Events


I am passionate about helping bring people’s visions, dreams and desires to life.

Anything is possible.

I want to hear your wild or simple visions.


Turquoise Package

Energy Exchange = $400

~ 1 hour Photo Shoot

~ 1 Location

~ 15 beautifully edited images

~ Phone consultation

~ Life changing transformation of self


Labradorite Package

Energy Exchange = $ 800

~ 2 hour Photo Shoot

~ 2 Locations (optional)

~ 30 beautifully edited images

~ Phone consultation

~ Life changing transformation of self



Opal Package

Energy Exchange = $1200

~  3 hour Photo Shoot

~ 3 Locations (optional)

~ 45 beautifully edited images

~ Phone consultation

~ Life changing transformation of self


Larimar Package

Energy Exchange = $1600

~  4 hour Photo Shoot

~ 4 Locations (optional)

~ 60 beautifully edited images

~ Phone consultation

~ Life changing transformation of self


Once you have chosen a package, have a look at the questions below.

Please contact me through my contact page and we shall start this amazing and magical creation process from there.

 1) Which package would you like to invest in?

2) What is your intention and why do you feel called to have a photo shoot at this time in your life? What do you want to express, evoke or embody? What is your vision? Can you see or visualize what you would like to come to fruition for this co-creation?

3) What is the purpose for embarking on a journey of photography? For example…personal empowerment/celebration of your amazingness, business imagery, documenting a special time in your life etc…

4) Is there a specific location that you can see the creation happening at? I love to shoot people in their favourite sacred spaces among nature or where ever you desire.

5) I am a true believer and advocate for you embarking on your own self adornment ritual for our photo shoot. I think it’s such an important and sacred journey to dress yourself in adornments and clothes that you 100% resonate with and are in your full alignment with your vision for this shoot. You are free to go as extravagant and flamboyant or as perfectly minimal and natural as you like. It is all up to you my dear. Usually with my shoots I don’t like to interfere too much in the adornment process as this is all about how you express your unique soul’s expression or creative concept. If you would like to have hair and makeup done professionally, I ask that you organize this yourself or do it yourself. Or totally rock the El Natural as well.  I fully support and honor whatever you feel called to do. I am alllllll about celebrating you in any way you choose to express your wonderful self.

6) I find the true magic with photography happens when you are FULLY in your body and are present in the moment. I find some of the most magical and spontaneous moments in my shoots have occurred when we do this silent and intuitive dance. Where you are moving your body or embodying whatever emotions or feelings you feel called. It is like you are fully in your zone and I am in mine. I love to move around you capturing the organic natural moment that can occur. I also love to frame up certain shots and suggest different shapes and angles for you to experiment with. How do you feel about this? Are you ready to shine?

7) Do you have any inspirational images or Pinterest boards that you may have saved that you could share with me that could give me more an idea of your vision for this shoot? If not that’s ok too :)

8) In terms of sharing the images online it is part of my moral code of creative ethics that we both credit and honor each other equally. You will receive High Res images with and without my small logo in the corner. As with most of my clients who honor this aspect, I would greatly appreciate if you would use the ones with the small logo when sharing online and social media. However, you are welcome to use the ones without the logo as well. When sharing the images online this is my protocol – for example could you please credit —->>>>

-> When sharing online or on your website ->

-> When sharing on FB credit – @ChanelBaranPhoto

-> When sharing on Instagram – @ChanelBaranPhoto

I would also love to ask you for your details so when I share my favorite images online I can credit you as well. I would love to talk further with you about how you feel about what I have said.

9) To lock in a date for the photo shoot it requires a 50% deposit, then the remaining 50% on the day of the shoot. Or all cash on the day.

10) Depending on the flow of life, images can take up to 1 months + to be processed, edited and sent to you via Dropbox <3

11) As the artist and Photographer behind these images I am the 100% owner and copy right holder of the images.


Please let me know if you have any questions or queries.


Chanellie <3


FB – The Visionary Photographic Art of Chanel Baran

Insta – @ChanelBaranPhoto


With great passion and inspiration I look forward to helping cultivate, ground and bring to life the vision that you behold for this photographic  co-creation journey together.

Lots of LOVE


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