Face & Body Painting Magic Across the world

Thankyou so much for visiting my website.

WOW! What an incredible journey it has been. I am so blessed and grateful for all the experiences and adventures I have had with my face paints on my travels across many lands and oceans. Painting an array of divine human beings from all different backgrounds and ages with all beautiful unique canvas’s for me to adorn and to add a splash of color and star dust upon.

On my journeys I have Painted and created at transformational music festivals around the world, tropical island paradises, in the middle of jungles beside sacred turquoise rivers, ceremonies, in the middle of a the Nevada desert, photoshoots, back yards and beautiful beaches.


Some of my favourite moments and memories painting are:

Painting faces of little local children next to a turquoise river in the middle of the Mayan Jungle in Guatemala. I couldn’t speak their language but a friend of mine could so he asked them what they wanted. Their cheeks shining with smiles and they all roared in giggles and laughter while I painted them all. It was getting dark so they had to go home. Off they went having to swim across the river to get back to their homes in the jungle…


For the last three years I have been embarking on a life changing and soul cleansing journey to the Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Dessert, Nevada, USA. I am so incredibly inspired and humbled from my experience in the desert. It changes me every time. To experience so many random acts of kindness, gifting, unconditional love, respect, no judgement, to be acknowledged, to be in the NOW, to EXPRESS WHO YOU REALLY ARE WITH NO BOUNDARIES. It is an experience like no other. Burning Man is place where money does not exist. It is a beautiful city where everyone is a part of this gigantic 68,000 person strong art and musical event. It is a place of gifting from your heart. For me my gift at Burning Man is face painting & sound healing with a Nepalese singing bowl.

I like to create and facilitate a very calm and soothing energetic healing space. The person layes down on a colourful sarong stretched out across the desert floor with their head on a little pillow. I place the Nepalese Singing Healing bowl on their heart and start to play the bowl. The healing vibrations emanate and radiate from the bowl into their heart and throughout their body. As they breathe deeply, relax and surrender to the sound of the vibration I begin to envision and see different designs across their face. I tap into my creative flow and start to paint and adorn their face. At random moments hearing the call to tap the singing bowl with the mallet to ignite another ripple of sound to be resonate. The flow is different every time with each person. Different and unique patterns of sound creation different painting designs and different lengths of time. Then once I finish painting their face and tap the singing bowl for the last time I place a mirror in front of their eyes so when they are ready, the first thing they see when they come out of this meditation is the beautiful design on their face. It is so beautiful to see all the different reactions and smiles that appear on peoples faces once this little ceremony is complete. My favorite place to do this is the ‘Temple’ at Burning Man.

The Temple is a magnificent structure made out of wood that is architectually designed by very taleted human beings, it is then constructed with a huge team months/weeks before the festival. It is a quiet sacred space where people come to heal, rest, honor, pray, remember loved ones who have passed away, let go, release, surrender, meditate, play gentle music and to have time for themselves. It is one of my most favorite and life changing spaces I have been. Over the course of the week-long festival the temple gets slowly more and more covered with photos, letters, writing and personal objects that people want to release and to burn, memorials of love ones and many sacred objects. The energy of this space is like no other I have experienced, it is incredibly potent and transformational. On the last day of the festival the temple is set on fire and burns to the ground. 68,000 people surround the temple on the Sunday night in reverence and silence with complete awe and respect. The energy that is created from Burning the Temple is like no other. Such a huge purification, purge and release. A perfect way to end one of the most life changing week of my life…


It is one of my passions in life to share this experience on my travels around the world to help facilitate and spread the healing, happy and artistic vibrations across the world <3

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