Goddess Talk Sessions

Aloha beautiful family <3 I HAVE MORE AMAZING & EXCITING NEWS!
I am honoured to be journeying with 15 INCREDIBLE VISIONARY WOMEN who
are on a mission to inspire, empower and transform women’s lives around the world!
Come join me for the revolutionary #GoddessTalkSessions facilitated by the amazing
Shann VanderLeekShann Vander Leek – Transformation Goddess.
The FREE online event is from the September 21-October 1st.
Discover feminine wisdom and powerful practices that illuminate
the path to your most “soul satisfying” life.
Want to learn the secrets of walking in beauty?
Register & reserve your seat here for this free event: >>>>> http://bit.ly/1oNn4D2
I am excited to to share circle with you <3
Love Chanellie
The Visionary Photographic Art of Chanel Baran

4 Comments on “Goddess Talk Sessions

  1. Chanel! Thank you so much for sharing your story and valuable wisdom in this gorgeous circle. You are a love!


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