I met this incredible human and musician in a very syncronisitic way through a dear mutual friend of ours. I had the awesome opportunity to photograph the behind the scenes of his EPIC MUSIC video ‘BOW DOWN’. Then he had seen some of my other photography and asked to collaborate on a photo shoot together while I was in Byron Bay in 2013. We had the same mutual vision of me photographing him in his Sacred Ceremony out on County.

We wanted for our photo shoot to be deep among nature. We embarked on a journey up a river in a small metal boat. An eagle flew high in the sky guiding us up the river. We tuned into the perfect location and stopped on the edge of the river and made this our home base for our shoot. Xavier made a small sacred fire with some local australian plants that were on the rivers edge to bring the element of the sacred fire and to also help protect us from mozzies as they were fierce in the bush.

His vision was to cover himself in the sacred red Earth – Ochre. I gave him privacy while he covered and adorned him self as this was Sacred Man’s Business. Our friend and I went for a walk a little ways into the bush. Next minute this powerful medicine man with PIERCING BLUE EYES appeared out of the bush! He had transformed into a completely different being. I grabbed my camera that was hanging on my shoulder and we photographed in complete silence! This image was capture in this chapter of our shoot. I absolutely love to shoot in silence. It is this sacred and speechless dance I do with some clients. It is quite a magical experience to flow without words and to capture true authenticity and power. It is one of my favorite things to do! Then between the moments of silence and flow I would YELL OUT! THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHOOT OF MY LIFE! hahaha YEW!

This was a very dear shoot that remains very close to my heart. This man is a big inspiration to me. His music, message and mission is very moving. I love the knowledge, wisdom, vibes and EPIC MUSIC he shares with the world. GO BROTHER! I love how my photography attracts humans who give honor and reverence to this planet.

Deep bows to you brother! Thank you for doing what you are doing! Much love, Chanellie

If you don’t know who this man is I HIGHLY RECOMMEND discovering his music!
FB – Xavier Rudd – Official​
Instagram – @XavierRuddOfficial

Photo by yours truly ->

I was so excited to see that he and his team used our image on one of their tour posters a few years back! WOO!


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