Byron Bay – Gold Coast – Brisbane

23 March – 4 April

YAY! Its all happening! Contact me through my website for booking or inquires -> .
Dates are booking up fast :) Woosh! It is one of my deepest passions to photograph and capture peoples true authentic self expression and unique spirit. I love it that my photography naturally attracts amazing humans who are wanting to embody their true authentic self expression. It is time to shine and be who you desire to be and who you are!
Getting professional photographs of yourself can be the perfect ingredient to add the extra SPICE & JUICINESS into your business, your online presence, you art and your life in general.
I recently experienced my first professional photo shoot on the island of Kauai earlier this year. I had the most incredible time with local photographer Rachel S. Crane of Rachel Crane Photography. She is the artist who captured this beautiful photo of me in the center of my poster! It felt so great to be on the other side of the lens. I love to try and understand the energetics and psychological experience of how my clients can feel in front of my lens. I had such a positive and empowering experience working with Rachel! More photos coming soon <3
I highly recommend everyone invests in a professional photo shoot of themselves at least once in their life. It is a great experience to express and see yourself in a whole new light. I recommend working with a local photographer in your region. Or book a shoot with me when I come on tour to a town near you :) hehe Bottom line… Photography is awesome. The end! :P Well really its the beginning….
I am so excited for this next mini chapter! 2 weeks of CREATION, MUSIC, FAMILY & ADVENTURE! Four of my favorite things in life all wrapped into one!
I will be based in Tweed Heads. I look forward to hearing from you YAY!
Love Chanellie <3
Please share the love and this post if you feel the vibes or know of any tribe who would be interested. <3
Model/Muse Credit -> Hannah Fraser, Karsha Ki, Shona Keeli Eve Lamagaia ,Kate La Lee, Katie Crews, Tafara Liz Masvinge, Jaz Sinclair Sabino, Donna Raymond, Nichole Lee BirdSong, Luis Meirelles, Christina Fire-Mane Charley, Kimberley Dawn,Holly Wodetzki, Xavier Arya Gaia Bouquillard, Issia Patricia Miller
Flower Crown by Jolene Hiro of KeAloha Flowers –
Fabulous Dress by Local Cairns Designer – Wild Sugar by Sajeela –




Once upon a time in the High Andean Mountains of Peru. My dear sister Christina Fire-Mane Charley the newest member of Amaru Pumac Kuntur La Triología booked a shoot with me and her new band! A band in which I have a DEEP LOVE and admiration for! This was my second journey over to Peru to be Chrissy’s Official Photographer for her ‘Pachar Takiy’ Andean Pilgrimage Tours. I have experienced this bands music medicine 3 times so far and was moved to the core of my soul with their powerful music! I was SOOOO excited for this project!!!!!!
Chrissy had the vision of bringing the band over to AUSTRALIA! BAM 7 MONTHS LATER THEY ARE ALL HERE RIGHT MEOW! Just like a snake the band has shed a few skins and the band is more next level than ever! With some new additional members they are currently touring AUSTRALIA RIGHT MEOW! I am flying down to the Gold Coast to see 3 of their show! BYRON, GOLD COAST & BRISBANE! FAMILY COME WITH ME!
The intention of this shoot was to create POWERFUL, POTENT & HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL images of the band in the Ancient Incan city of Cusco. I felt like such a TOTAL badass walking around the city with the whole band following me around, finding the perfect locations that incorporated awesome stone back drops. We decided on this SUPER SUPER OLD wall with these GIANT stones!!!!! Ancient Magical lands!!!! After this shoot in the city we ventured up into the mountains and photographed the band in the Frog Temple in the Archaeological Incan Ruins of Saksaywaman near the Temple of the Moon. WHAT A DAY! I LOVE THIS BAND!!!
Instagram -> @amarupumackuntur













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