While I was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean… on the small island of Kauai on my recent HAWAII PHOTO TOUR in January… I had the pleasure of being in front of the lens! WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVED! :P This was my first official Professional Photo Shoot for me, my business and my online presence as a Female Entrepreneur! WINNING!

It was such a pleasure to work with local photographer Rachel S. Crane of Rachel Crane Photography ! We did a fabulous collaboration and photographed each other! A female photographer photographing a female photographer! This is one of my new favorite things to do :P For this shoot we photographed at Ke’e Beach which is one of my favorite beaches on the island! This beach is the end of the road up the north and is the entrance to the amazing Napali Coast. It was such a breathtakingly beautiful location. We photographed in the luscious dappled light forest, on the beach and in the water as the sun set! So excited to share more of these images soon.

Me intention for my photo shoot was for Rachel to create images of me that I can use professionally for my photography business. I wanted images that capture my true essence as a woman and artis. I wanted images that capture me at LEVEL 26 (Age 26). I wanted images that I can show to the world and my clients of me walking my talk! I am such a huge advocate for authentic self expression and embodiment. This is me to a TEE! Here you go world! This is Chanel Baran, Photographer Extraordinaire, Female Entrepreneur, Rocking Curvaceous Woman, World Traveler and International Artist. :D hahah Can you tell I am a Leo?… :P I am so happy to say that all my wishes and intentions came true and Rachel delivered amazing images!

Rachel and I photographed in such a great and effortless flow. We photographed in a way that I really love. A way that we do this silent dance with minimal direction. A way that I could be myself, in my body and play with the surrounding beauty around me and with the camera. There were SOOOO many people around us as we photographed on one of the most popular beaches. However they literally all disappeared as I went into this trance like state of movement and silent prayer. I love to photograph and be photographed in the forest and by the ocean. These powerful elements and nature really helped me calm my excited nerves and drop into my heart and womb.

There were a few RARE moments in the shoot that I felt uncomfortable in my body, insecure, lacking confidence and didn’t know what to do. It has been a long road of learning to love, accept, honor and celebrate myself and my body. I am so happy to be where I am and to be the confident open hearted woman I am today. However as a human woman, that has grown up in a world and society where majority of women dislike, shame and hate their bodies, I too sometime on the rare occasion loose my way a little. But thankfully it is only for a fleeting moment. Thoughts like ” WHO AM I TO SHINE?” come and go as I let go of cultural and society programming. I let go of the fear that is still present in the female bloodline of being burned alive as so many women before me have been. These emotions and fears may not necessarily be mine and more of a collective feeling of the feminine. However it is my responsibility to love my shadow, heal my pain and shine my light. It is my responsibility to be an example of how one can learn to love themselves and believe that I am worthy. If we all did this imagine what kind of wonderful world we could live in. During the shoot I became aware of these uncomfortable feelings and emotions… I chose to breathe deeply and move my body. When in doubt shake it out! Breath and movement were great ways to move and transmute my fear to then come back into my heart. This was a great experience to have as I can now understand when clients sometimes stiffen up and freeze as fear and nerves can take over and cripple them. It is such a valuable experience to be on the side of the lens and walk my talk!

I highly recommend everyone invests in a professional photo shoot of themselves at least once in their life. It is a great experience to express and see yourself in a whole new light. I recommend working with a local photographer in your region. Or… book a shoot with me when I come on tour to a town near you :) hehe Bottom line… Photography is awesome. The end! :P Well really its the beginning….

Speaking of me on TOUR! I am coming down to Byron Bay – Gold Coast – Brisbane on a mini two week tour!!!! From March 23rd until April 4th. Then I come back to Cairns, Australia. Any inquiries or questions please contact me through my website ->

I am so excited for this next mini chapter! 2 weeks of CREATION, MUSIC, FAMILY & ADVENTURE! Four of my favorite things in life all wrapped into one! I will be based in Tweed Heads. I look forward to hearing from you YAY!

Love Chanellie <3

Rachel Crane Photography Instagram ->

Flower Crown by Jolene Hiro of KeAloha Flowers –
Fabulous Dress by Local Cairns Designer – Wild Sugar by Sajeela –





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