Aloha my beautiful family <3 This is the first blog post I have shared in years. I am honoured to share a short film created by my soul sister ” J’aime Jhilmil Gianopoulos and her amazing team of artists from “The Wolf Pack Collective“.

I met this super talented film director and creator while I was travelling and journeying in Peru a few months ago. We met through another powerful sister, Christina Fire-Mane Charley, on her Pachar Takiy Tour. Chrissy facilitates amazing transformational pilgrimages in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

I was the photographer and J’aime was the videographer.

It was so fantastic to not only journey with this sister on a healing journey of the deepest parts of ourselves but also to walk together through creativity, art and collaboration. She is one of the most inspiring women I know. She completely touched my heart with her film ‘HOWL’. I haven’t had a film touch my soul so deeply in a long time. I love everything about this amazing film! Check it out family <3 Share it with your family if it inspires you <3

“In this time of need for female community and wisdom, women everywhere are rising up to empower one another. But where does Woman begin this journey? She must turn inward, tune in and listen for her Wild Woman to speak.

HOWL is a poetic journey of Woman returning back to her power and wildness, and finding her voice.

The Wolf Pack Collective is a group of artists dedicated to creating spiritually conscious works of art. We combine our gifts to explore our crafts without boundaries. If you wish to donate to our artistic cause, 100% of your proceeds will go towards funding the next creative project on our table, and making it as accessible as possible.”

– Jaime Leigh Gianopoulos

Written & Directed by Jaime Leigh Gianopoulos
Instagram: @Jaimehummingbird

Poetry written by Fleassy Malay

Part Narration by Christina Fire-Mane Charley

Some wonderful moments of our journey in Peru <3 Love you sister <3 I am so proud of you

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