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  1. This photo and the rest of the series was posted on Facebook by Sisterhood of the Rose along with an explanation of the origin of the word “ritu” stating that it comes from Sanskrit word for “menses.”

    In my opinion, every woman – especially the young ones – need to see your photos and words that celebrate our blood and our monthly bleeding.

    Blessings to you for sharing your vision. Keep it up. We grow and heal. with the planet with our Mother.


    • WOW! YES! Thank you soooo much for your beautiful comment <3 I totally agree with you! hehe I am truly honoured to receive your words <3 Thank you for honouring this sacred ceremony. We are the ones changing this paradigm <3 WOO <3 I HIGHLY recommend checking out the website of the AMAZING WOMBMAN in this photograph – http://www.mydivineflow.com – SHE IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!

      Love Chanel <3


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