Ceremonial Goddess  Temple Transformational Photo Shoot

Namaste Dream Weavers of The Divine Feminine,

Welcome to the realm of your living and breathing altar that is within you and always has been…

We hear you, We feel you and We receive your presence, Sister.

This is our invitation to you, to step into complete surrender as you merge deeper into your inner Goddess.

We invite you to claim your eternal throne and anoint yourself as The Queen of your own inner Sacred Queendom.

We are sending you infinite Love and Light, Thank you for being present and feeling your way into our offering. Seeing if it resonates with you and your sisters, please feel free to share and invite other Sisters.

Shona Keeli (Divine Flow) and I hail from Australia, we are here to interweave our unique medicine and gifts so we may continue whirling our magic throughout America.

We are so humbled and honoured to be offering this co-creation of an intimate Temple Transformation Ceremonial Offering; a Goddess Ceremonial Anointing Photo~shoot for the second year.

The ceremony will be orchestrated by Divine Flow and captured by myself.

We look forward to diving into the luminous darkness of feminine womb consciousness,there is a feeling of ecstatic surrender. The release of mental ideas of control or power gives way to a deep primal source of infinite potential. Spiralling into the sensations of “The Goddess,” there we find our greatest source of strength, wisdom, energy, and power as women.

You can view more of my exquisitely divine images at –

Shoot Location:

Immaculately Illuminating Malibu White Lotus Temple…

If you are in need of updating your portfolio, looking to create one of a kind images to birth your very own offering, a day out with your sisters for some sacred heart healing or simply looking to step into your Full Facet of The Goddess we welcome you.

This offering is not just about the outcome, not just about the photos – it’s about the entire process of being carefully nurtured whilst surrendering into the deepest parts of your soul and stepping into the most luminous light of your essence. We will hold you as we orchestrate and capture the unveiling of your infinite beauty. Through ceremony we shall roll out the canvas for your Divine masterpiece to be painted on, at the end of it all you will receive an immaculate catalogue of photographs of your inner unfoldment. These images will become a timeless memento and reflections of your Divine essence, they will continue to empower you upon your ever ascending flight. We are here for all of you and look forward to rising with you.

☽☥☾ Our Sacred Offering Includes ☽☥☾.

~ Ceremonial Goddess Potent and Powerful Photo~Shoot experience with 5 other sisters.

~ Gather with us for a full day spent in the Immaculately Illuminating White Lotus Temple in Malibu, CA. This tantalising temple is nestled in the hills of Malibu with a full panoramic ocean view. The temple shall be reserved exclusively for our ceremony and photo shoot.

~ The day will begin with ceremonial anointing, initiation and deep reverence remembrance of each Goddess joining us.

~ Followed by an Intimate Shakti Sisterhood circle and radiant reflections.

~ Opening Ceremony and Honouring of the Elements, Cord Cleansing & Cord Releasing, Priestess Partner Tantric Practices, Empress Embodiment Expressions, Heart Healing Breast Massage, Rejuvenating Facial Massage, Gentle Opening Yoni Yoga, Blossoming Breath~work, Guided Womb Blessing, Sacred Syllable Chanting Meditation, Purifying Medicine Melodies, Instrumental Sound Healing Journey and Spontaneous Sky Dancing Unfolding Heart Offering Closing Ceremony .

~ Danielle White the Tantric High Priestess of the White Lotus Temple will graciously hold space and will be serving magical alchemical elixirs and tea throughout the Ceremony.

~ Prior to your shoot, Divine Flow and Chanel will engage with you personally for an individual grounding meditation where you will impart your ideas and collaboratively curate your vision for your 45 min temple transformation experiences with the one and only Chanel Baran.

~ Take Part in your Own Powerful and Potent Priestess Solo Shoot along with a Complimentary Sisterhood Photo~Shoot.

~ Receive a USB memory card of all original photos along with 25 divinely edited photographs mastered by Chanel Baran.

Self Investment and Energy Exchange ~ $599 USD

Hair and Make~Up provided on request.

Deposit of half is required to hold your space as places are exclusively limited to 6 Sisters.

Payments accepted via Bank Transfer, Cash or PayPal.

Strictly no refunds but a credit will be given towards future events if cancellation within 7 days prior to event.

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Feel free to contact me to ask any questions and to organise the 50% deposit to secure your place

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Shona/Divine Flow and I are honoured and excited to announce that the incredibly talented artists from Organic Armor are proudly sponsoring our event and will be sending us some of their incredible head pieces for the sister to wear and adorn themselves during their 1 on 1 intimate Transformational Visionary Photo Shoot with yours truly

“Organic Armor has been sculpting costumes for creative folk all over the world since 2007. Lightweight, flexible and one-of-a-kind, our work is especially suited to performers. Custom projects welcomed. Handmade in Asheville, NC.” – Organic Armor

If you are not familiar with their artistry I HIGHLY recommend checking them out  MIND BLOWING AMAZING

FB Page –

Website –


Shona Keeli/Divine Flow | Yoni Empress

“A Goddess Visionary holding space to facilitate and support this Feminine Awakening. I am showing up and forever present, infinitely intimate as a spiritual mid~wife for The Goddess. We are birthing The New World through her Yoniverse, let’s support and guide each other through the maze of the mind and come back to the heart.
My surrendering to The Divine has revealed my offering and my dharma in this life time. My cup is so full it’s overflowing and providing me with all the yummy juices to cascade onto The Goddesses. Through becoming an Instrument of the Divine by way of Astrally Inspired Words, Sacred Ceremony, Dancing for the Divine & Rekindling the Union between Mother Earth/Father Sky.”

Divine Flow <3

Chanel Baran | Visionary Photographic Artist

Visionary Photographic Creatrix | World Traveller | Festival Lover, Dreamer | Face & Body Painter |

Artist| Positivity Ambassador | Concious Co-Creator

I am a Visionary Photography who is passionate about helping activate and awaken wombmen through helping them truly see themselves in all their glory and power. For me photography is my sacred tool of creation and healing. There is powerful medicine in the images that I create as I am passionate about capture and photographing ones soul and sacred essence. I love to help wombmen see themselves from a completely new perspective, one of reverence, celebration and truth.  When a client and I embark on a one on one photographic ceremony, it is very special to me as we step into a sacred space that is free of judgement and overflows with celebration and appreciation of our true authentic selves and our amazingly unique beauty and radiance. When I am photographing, for me true magic happens when I am in my flow and you are in your flow, you are present in your body, consciously connected to your womb, you are grounded, you are shining your light and you are moving in any way that you desire. We do this beautiful dance of creation where I am constantly shooting and moving around to discover those infinitely priceless precious angels, focal lengths and compositions of you in the scenery and location.

Infinite Blessings and Kisses from Chanel Baran +
Divine Flow ♥.

 Face Book event page –

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 The Sacred Feminine Expression Sessions


Facilitated by Sacred Feminine Mentor, Donna Raymond and Visionary Photographer, Chanel Baran

An invitation to explore and journey with the Sacred Feminine Archetypes through ritual and ceremony…
Accessing the innate wisdom of the womb, followed by a celebration of the Feminine Form with a group Ceremonial Goddess Photoshoot with Chanel Baran.

The process involves journeying in ceremony with Donna. A Sacred Smudging Ceremony, Womb Activation with Tibetan Singing Bowls and a guided journey… feeling into and becoming familiar with the different Sacred Feminine Archetypes, learning how to embody these different energies and celebrating your radiance to be captured by Goddess Photographer, Chanel.

If you’ve been looking for a sign… or an excuse to delve deeper into your own unique beauty, femininity and authentic expression then this is the perfect opportunity to adorn and celebrate the wonderful wombman that you are amongst other sisters!

Ceremony 1) Saturday May 9th, Ellis Beach, Cairns.

Ceremony 2) Saturday May 23rd, Pallarenda Beach, Townsville.

2PM – Sunset

$111 investment includes ceremony, digital folder of photography and a special gift.

Let us all join together in ceremony and celebrate the DIVINE WOMBMEN we are.  Its time to SHINE

Sisters we invite you to adorn yourselves in colourful flowing garments in celebration of the Divine Feminine Flow. You are invited to bring a sacred totem that you would like to place on the altar. Feel free to bring a blanket and pillow for your comfort.

Share this event and invite your sisters on a journey to remember

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Payment Plan available secured with deposit. Strictly NO Refunds but a credit will be given towards future events if cancellation within 7 days prior to event.

Payments accepted via Bank Transfer, Cash or Paypal.





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3 Comments on “Events

  1. hello Chanel,
    We met at the Kuranda Womb Temple Opening, and I’m excited about all that you’ve got going on! I wish you all the very best in all your endeavours!
    It appears that I won’t be able to make either of the events unfortunately but Youve got me wondering if you would be willing to exchange a photo shoot for Kahuna Bodywork Sessions? Let me know if this tickles your fancy!
    Talk soon
    Love Bec x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dearest Sister Rebekah <3 Soo beautiful to receive this message from you <3 It was such a pleasure to meet you at the Kuranda Womb Temple Opening <3 Thankyou for your love and support <3 I will message you and we can organise something amazing and magical :)

      Sending you so much love <3

      Chanellie <3


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