Hi, my name is Chanel Baran. I am a passionate 30-year-old photographer and artist who thrives and shines when creating and expressing from my heart. I love to create a space, through my photography offerings for others to do so as well.


I have walked this creative and inspired path professionally for over 10 years. It lights up my soul when people book a photo shoot with me and want to embark on this creative adventure together. Each photo shoot is so incredibly unique and different. People come to me with their visions and intentions… then together we bring them to life. I deeply enjoy creating a safe, supportive, honouring, reverent, and nurturing space for my clients to be exactly who they are. I love to lift them up and celebrate their unique soul’s expression in this body. I love it that my clients can express themselves in any way they desire in a space that is free of judgement.

Travel is a great passion of mine. I have travelled to and experienced many different cultures and places across the planet with my camera in hand. I feel blessed that through these travels I have been able to connect with people and photography clients from all around the world and create magic and art along the way. I am grateful for the power of social media and the internet. These platforms have given me and others the ability to share and experience my art all across the planet. It warms my heart to hear how my art has inspired people on the other side of the world. It lights up my soul when I receive messages from people of how my art has deeply touched their heart and minds
I am a woman who has been walking the path of self-discovery, exploration, adventure, ritual, healing and ceremony. Through my life and travels, I love to explore, heal and love the world within my self so I can better show up in my life as the best version of myself possible. I love to evolve and transform. I am grateful to be a woman in this lifetime. I love how my body connects with the natural cycles of the moon and this planet. I have a deep reverence for the plant and for ‘Sacred Women’s Work’.

Through my personal experiences and my years of exploration of different ceremonies and rituals I believe it is part of my mission to help celebrate women and womanhood. It is a great passion of mine to inspire the world and to liberate women through my art. I absolutely adore women’s circles, sisterhood and women’s retreats. These are safe and sacred spaces for women to fully express, let go, feel, heal, speak their truth, connect to their bodies, dance, play and transform themselves. I have photographed and co-created many different women’s retreats, sisterhood photo shoots and ceremonies in Australia and abroad over the last 10 years. It is my dream to create, cultivate and manifest more of these offerings and experiences in my life. I want to travel far and wide and capture women’s retreats and sacred circles all over Australia and beyond.



The female form is a huge inspiration for me. However, I also love to celebrate men, manhood, brotherhood and all the different shapes, colours, genders and sexuality that people choose to identify with. My mission is for people to feel Glorious, Loved, Whole, Celebrated, Honoured, Respected & SO FABULOUS.



I also LOVE to photograph LOVE! Couples photo shoots and Wedding Photography is another passion of mine. It lights up my heart. I am such a romantic and I absolutely adore it when I see and capture people being affectionate, loving, honouring and playful with their beloveds.

I am an artist who creates what I wish to see more of in the world. There is so much sadness, poverty, hate, violence, anger and war in the world. Through my art and offerings, I want to add and create more beauty, love, happiness, joy, reverence, laughter, connection and celebration to the world.

I was born, raised and currently based in the beautiful Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Growing up where the Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef has influenced and shaped me into the women I am today. I love to live and be close to nature. I love to photograph my clients in nature. Location shoots have this majesty and magic about them. I enjoy seeing people connect and interact with the natural world around them while I photograph them. I am so grateful for my life, my wonderful parents and my supportive upbringing.


Being a photographer is a great privilege. I feel honoured that people come to me and reveal their soul to me. I feel honoured that I get to capture their essence. I feel humbled in this experience. I feel that this art form is such a beautiful and deeply nourishing way for me to express myself and to connect with the Earth, the elements, humankind, all our relations and nature.
I love to Rollerskate <3 It is a new passion that has birthed since 2020 and it brings me so much JOY <3


I love to gather with dear friends either on a waterfall nature adventure and rollerskating antics. I love to gather with the FULL POWER women in my community. I have recently stepped up and started holding my own Women’s Song Circles where we get to share our voices and sing together <3 Singing is another of my dear passions <3 



Forever Grateful <3

Love Chanel 




6 Comments on “About

  1. Thank you for sharing your gifts! I find your photoshoots so beautiful, empowering, and truly inspiring <3 thank you! :) all the best from Germany


    • Thank you so much Mattea for your beautiful and kind words <3 It truly makes my sing when I hear how my images touch peoples hearts :) Thank you <3 Gracias <3 Mahalo <3 Sending you lots of love and blessings from Australia


  2. I came across your website in a Facebook comment and now know it was meant to be!! You’re pictures make me feel so many things, but especially warms my heart and brings joy to my soul! Much love to you hun, good luck with all 🌈✨💜

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  3. Darling Chanel, Wowzers on all of the great works you’re creating. So happy to see you on this Eastern trip. Your words and body ooze JOY! Much love and friendship always, from your Chico, California family…


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